Manzanita berries???

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  1. Curious to see if you concur with me that these are manzanita berries or something else? Fox scat?


    Hunting the other day and ran across this poor fellow, half eaten. You would think bobcat first, then mt lion second.


    Took this picture at the base of the foxes tail. Stuck my boot in the picture to help show some perspective to size. Definitely lion. Hunting with a 17HMR (fox hunting) so a shell was out of the question for comparison.


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  2. I would say fox scat just based upon where it is.

  3. rk

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    Manzanita berries sounds like a good guess. And I would agree with fox scat, because of the location (on a rock) and because it looks like older scat and some newer scat in the same spot. The print I'm not so sure seems a bit small for lion.
  4. I don't think that it is a lion print unless it was from a cub. I have seen lion tracks and paws up close and they are as big, if not bigger, than a man's hand.
  5. hard to say from the picture what the track is, but I'm betting the shadoe knows after living in lion country for the past 100 years. I'll go lion track! :mrgreen:.