Mark Kelly's Campaign Staffer Caught on Tape on Gun Control

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  1. I know that McSally helped me with a VA claim and got something done when McCain just sluffed it off. I also know that Kelly refused to shake the Border Patrol Union Local President's hand at an official gathering when the agent was introduced to Kelly by Kelly's wife. Art talks about it on his radio show from time to time. Do a web search and it will pop up.

    Kelly and the Biden team consider veterans to be domestic terrorists just like Hillary did. They will bring the full weight of the DHS and fed law enforcement to bare on anyone who disagrees with them.
  2. 460 S&W - I agreed with you until your last paragraph, but would like to better understand the reasoning behind it. Will you explain your view further?
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  3. Do a search on:
    Napolitano Apologizes for Offending Veterans After DHS Eyes Them for 'Rightwing Extremism'
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  4. I am going to go with Hasty Generalization for $200 Alex.
  5. Let's go with covering for Communists for $500.00. A leopard, (in this case liberal democrats), does not change its spots. If they can't shout you down with riots and burning, they'll label you a domestic terrorist and do their best to arrest or otherwise harass you, or did you forget about Fast and Furious as a cover to justify taking more actions against legal gun ownership and a host of other incidents. Search on this:
    Virginia governor starts labeling veterans ‘domestic terror threat’ ahead of 2A rally
  6. Cool a tax Stamp, now I can get the can I Want for mine, or the one I use to have before it was stolen that is. Gun Control is on all the parties minds as americans want to hear about that, but no control will happen, Hasnt yet, most likely wont.
  7. Tell that to the people in the states that can no longer own "assault weapons," or "high capacity magazines." Do you remember the AWB of 1994? If Biden wins and Kelly goes to the Senate, draconian gun control can and will happen. It won't be just AR's, AK's, Glocks or other modern handguns. I'm playing the devil's advocate here, but do you really need a sniper rifle that can shoot a half a mile to take a deer? Do you really need a semi-automatic or pump shotgun for ducks? Isn't a single shot or double barrel just as effective? Why do you need ammunition that will penetrate a a bullet proof vest to hunt big game?
  8. Thats Funny, RickyG, you must still be at home recovering, LOL.... no one has that much time unless they are laying around.