Mearns Quail Opener

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  1. Mearns opens on Friday this week. Mearns are always harder than desert quail to get population estimates on prior to the season but lets keep our fingers crossed for a decent year. Habitat looks decent. We had a good start to monsoon but it petered out in Aug and Sep so we will see. If you are in the Sonoita area chasing Mearns stop by the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds Sat from 1-4 for the Quail Festival hosted by AZ G&F and Southern AZ Quail Forever.
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  2. I travel to Ft. Huachuca each winter to get out of the Northwest wet weather and look forward to hunting quail around Sierra Vista. I too hope for a good Mearns quail population, and look forward to arriving in late December.

  3. I saw a ton of quail down there 2 years ago when I was deer hunting, spooky little buggers.
  4. I’ll be heading down tomorrow morning for the opening weekend. GPS is fully charged, Q5 centerfire packed for a whole day’s hunt, and hopefully the dog and I are conditioned enough for those grassy hills! See you in the mountains.
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  5. Bearfoot, do you hunt deer on Ft. Huachuca? I have seen just the opposite when I hunt quail, lots of deer small coveys of quail, never tons. I am pretty green on the AZ quail, and should do better this year, my second full year.
  6. Not on military grounds, but south of Sierra Vista, in the grasslands and canyons, only one time though. Walking through the tall grass, they would jump up and fly literally right at your feet.
  7. I have not hunted very much off post, but on post the Mearns quail are very good at avoiding my gun. The young dog I have got schooled last year, hopefully another year of experience will pay off.
  8. Be sure to give us your report of how it is down there. I've been out a couple times on opening weekend for Mearns and it sounds like WWIII down in some of those canyons!
  9. I got a few birds this morning in Hog Canyon. Not as good as last year. Will try a different spot tomorrow.
  10. Just hunted opening morning then set up camp. Found large Gambels coveys on fringe habitat. Marked for next year ;) Lots of deer and deer hunters, and dry conditions are proving to be difficult for my young pup! This morning, saw some scratches, but the Mearns are outsmarting the pup and I thus far. Other, more seasoned vets, are reporting low numbers and tough conditions! We still need more rain.
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