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  1. Anyone else obsessed with this show? Pretty sure Steven Rinella is my hero. I love how he mixes in the preparation of wild game with the pursuit of game. Love this show and learn so much from watching it.

    In case you are a fan and didn't know, he started doing podcast. I listened to the first one and can't wait for the next. First podcast featured Joe Rogan and Bryan Callen.

    Steven's books are great too. I highly suggest checking into them or at least checking out the show. He filmed a coues deer hunt in AZ this year. Can't wait. Pretty much the highlight of my week.
  2. I thoroughly enjoy the show and have read meateater. I truly do think that is more people on the fence were exposed to this show instead of some of the other garbage, we would have fewer antis.

  3. I'll watch it if it's on. As far as being obsessed with it? No. Highlight of my week? No. There isn't a TV show that can or will be that good.
  4. I agree with Tres, its not on my highlight page and Im not obsessed with it. I do like watching it though and see how he cooks what he shoots.
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    I like the show, it is one of the few shows I bother recording.
  6. I know this is an old post, but I would agree on the show. I have bought both the Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking books (small and large game) and I love them. Record them whenever they are on and even have a couple that I have saved for a while due to the interesting and informative content.
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  7. There are now a bunch of episodes on Netflix too if you don't have cable like me.
  8. One of two of my favorite shows. The other being Sporting chef. I record both every week. Have both meateater books. He has stuff on YouTube that's not on the shows as well.
  9. Agreed, Leysath and his bunch of chefs are fun to watch and informative.
  10. I agree. My two favorites are Meat Eater and Fresh Tracks. Those 2 shows seem to be the most realistic per the average hunter. That's why I like them. Really like how Steve gets into processing and cooking the game.