Mexico Fishing This week

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  1. Sounds like fun. Have a blast!
  2. No cervasa, Fishng was bad, tides were all wrong while we were there. Fished for 8 hrs from shore, Surfcasting lures, 60 yards out, thowing Makereal cut baits, squid cut up, big hooks, little hooks, tried feather jigs, small lures down deep, large lures up high and deep. Broke off 5 times at a cost of $7.50 each time. NADA, NOTHING. It was bad. Yesterdays tide was flat, 4 ft change between high and low, but we tried. Had one bite in 8 hrs of total time fishing using bait. AHH, Better then working and worked on early tan, does that help. It was nice to just get away and have some fun.Im good for another 200 hr month, Maybe ? Cant wait till I retire.
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  3. Man I would love to get out and surf fish..miss it bad. Glad you had a good time.
  4. Fishing really suc**d, but thats what happens, Next trip will be the bomb and we will catch a ton of sea trout, pompano, bass, never know.
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  5. Wash your mouth out with never sucks!! Lmao the bite might thou...
  6. We are headed to Rocky Point in June for a week. My son and I are excited to surf fish again!
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  7. Hey, if any of you ever want to invite an old fart along on one of your trips, and I promise not to out fish any of you, get a hold of me. Sound like a great time.
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  8. I’ve had great luck fishing on the rock pier at the wrecked at the reef. Walk to the end and cast a line with squid! Works almost everything time!