Microsoft Donates to HSUS

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  1. OH man guys this really Really Sucks!!!!! i just got this emailed to me and know you all need to read it. if we all pass this on to our hunting friends, family and get the word out maybe just maybe they wont donate. this gets my blood boiling GRRRR!!!
  2. I guess we'll all just have to stop using computers... :)

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    Nerds.... What can you say.
  4. Chief

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    There are some things in life worth falling on your sword for. A battle with microsoft ain't one of them, it's a battle that we can't win and therefor would be better just left alone. Microsoft and Gates have been donating to all the anti-gun and anti-hunting organizations for a considerable length of time. Nothing we do or say will stop them, you need to learn how to pick your battles.
  5. When your computer dies on you buy an Apple. They have actually been the inovators of a lot of the technology we use today, Microsoft just has a better marketing dept.
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    Chief is right. Gates has more money coming in on a daily basis than all of us put together can make in a lifetime. So getting into any type of battle would be like trying to empty the ocean a cup full at a time. Better to just ignore the fact and go on.
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    92% of PC users world-wide run Windows 98-Vista OS (Microsoft).

    Do what the other 8% of PC users do and Microsoft will go belly-up.

    Run Linux OS and Firefox (Browser).

    Or, like Slim suggested, buy a MAC.