Mohave Sportsman Club opposes shortening lion season

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    MSC opposes shortening lion season

    I’ll tell you why the MSC opposes shortening the season.

    The reason this action was done is part of what I call “creeping incrementalism” in which sportsmen continue to let the antis dictate the management on issues such as mountain lions.

    By giving up what some lion hunters said was “nothing” they felt they had blunted another attempt by the antis to make lion hunting illegal in Arizona.

    I found that interesting especially after sportsmen had offered up the “sacrificial lamb” shortened season, that Stephanie-Young-Nichols, a member of several lion advocacy groups, got up and after thanking sportsmen, department and Commission for being so proactive on lion management, asked for four items dealing with lion management.

    Those four were:

    1) Set some sort of quota on female lion harvest.
    2) Revisit the multiple bag limit strategy the department has in place.
    3) Explore across the board closures of lion hunting
    4) Shorten the lion hunting seasons even more.

    I thought it strange how after just getting the season shortened, that Ms. Young asked for even more restrictions on lion hunting in Arizona. Guess that idea of tossing Ms. Nichols a bone didn’t work in slowing her efforts to close the hunting of lions in this state.

    From a biological standpoint, there is no reason not to allow lion hunting in Arizona.

    Ordway said, “There is a healthy population of lions in this state,” and noted that in 2006 hunters bagged only 260 lions total, including 219 that were taken through sport harvest.

    This issue is one that no doubt will end up on a ballot someday to be voted on by all Arizonans

    Then we’ll see if Arizona becomes like our neighbor to the west, the Socialist Republic of Kalifornia, where there are no seasons on lions and the big cats roam the streets and kill wildlife, pets and even people, at will.
  2. Yep,
    Anybody that thought this would appease the anti's definately had their heads in their rears! They will only take,,,take...take....until the outdoorsman have no hunting, or any outdoor activities!
    We ALL need to step up and fight these issues with everything we have or it will be bye-bye hunting!
    I am guilty of being somewhat complacent myself and have vowed that it will be no more. I am totally involved from this point on!

  3. glad to hear that you are now onborad you need to join a local sportsman group or better yet show your support by getting a WCC plate for for truck i'll post info about that also
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    Every hunter who buys a license is obviously "on-board" with hunting. However, that alone is not sufficient. The Anti-hunters contribute a meager nothing toward the revenues generated by license sales and the taxation revenues from hunting/sporting goods. Nor do the Anti's contribute labor or monetary efforts with various conservation efforts managed and funded by the various sportsman's groups and our states G&FD projects. All that the Anti's offer to the lion debate is condemnation of G&F, and time-and-again they offer no resolution except to ban lion hunting altogether. We must unite to preserve all of our hunting privileges. Tell your neighbors, friends, families and co-workers what's bad with lion hunting restrictions, and how it will eventually attrite the heritage and traditions of all hunting in the future.

    As previously stated above, this issue will ultimately become a ballot initiative in Arizona. It will be up to US to educate non-hunting Arizonans to vote in our favor. IMO, this is where we need to focus our efforts. Remember, this really isn't about the evil Anti's... it's about the complacency of sportsmen and the appeasement of animal rights activism.