I bought this rifle from a member on here back in 2019 and didn't end up using it. At the time I was under a very tight budget and bought it with the hopes of replacing the stock that he had worked on. A few months later I sold a home so I had some cash to buy what I wanted. This has been in my safe ever since and has not been shot since we met at the range. Shoots clean. I have no use for it and just wanted to get my money back out of it. If you're looking for a reliable rifle that isn't in brand new condition, this will foot the bill. I've attached the messages that he sent to me. It will come with the same 3x9 scope that I got with it (Burris not included but it's for sale also). I have several boxes of Federal Fusion ammo (55 rounds to be exact) for it if you need some ammo.

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