Mountain Lion Hunts

Discussion in 'Big Game' started by TallPaul, May 27, 2007.

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    I buy a Mountain Lion tag every year. I buy it usually in June because it would be good for one year.
    The Regs. has changed the Season Dates. Some Units are from Sept 1 2007 until May 31 2008. Archery-Only also changed some of the Dates as well. So check the Regulations to be sure what Units can be hunted with Date changes.

    Now for me, I buy a LoinTag for just in case.... I never saw a Lion out there yet and I don't make it a point to hunt them. I guess it's more of a wish and a support thing.
    Does any one make it thier regular hunt at lest once a year?

  2. No, but we should! :)

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    Would he do? He was about 50-60 yards away from me and I never knew he was there. I spotted him just as I was about to leave and had he decided not to lick his paw I may never have realized he was there. I don't think he knew I was there either, I just waited him out. After he got up and left I did likewise. I have killed a few of these cats over the past years and have no desire to kill another, unless he turns into a stock killer. This guy was about 1000 yards from our back patio. Although we don't see him on a regular basis we do see him often enough to know that our backyard is in his home territory.

    Tried to post the picture in the story, but all I get is that damn little white box with the red x. Haven't been able to post a picture since we switched over. The frustraation level is rising, may have to go have another bourbon, just to calm myself:)
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    It seems like everywhere I hunt coyotes. It's also good cat country. So the thought of calling one in is always a possiblity. Yes, I've called them in before, but never had the chance to bag one. Everytime that I've went out to call one in. And only a lion. I've never had any luck. They have such a wide range. It's hard to catch them in the right place at the right time. What gets to me is when out calling coyotes. And you get wiff of something. You know that something is out there, and close by. But you have no idea just where it is, or what it is. It has a way to make the little hairs stand up on the back of your neck. Things sure can get interesting sometimes.
  5. The first few years I went javelina hunting I saw lions. Then I started packing a lion tag and the only one I have seen had a kitten with her. I believe the tags work great as repellent.