Mt Lion Attacked 3-D Target:(

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  1. Well today we'll my other half was out today moving some of our 3-D's around for this weekends shoot he looked and saw our antalope wasnt right he was bacwards so when got closer he had found that he had been Attacked by the ranges Mt Lion yes our club has a Lion that lives there i have seen it well this attack was so bad it bent the rebar as you will see in the pixs i took when i got home from work now if i have my way that CAT is going to be a DEAD CAT!!!!! GGRRRRR!!!! mad me mad!!!! but would have been funny now to watch that attack lmao. but you can say now we will be carry our GLOCKS now when we are out there working. here are the pixs.
    Hind end a nice chunk was taken out
    One nice chunk missing :(
    The cat must be a leg cat hey i need to laugh and not cry but i want to cry
    Bite marks

    Done to the bone

    Bite mark

    Misssing Ear

    The Nose
  2. we are going to take this to the G&F tomorrow and see what they have to say just me the word HERE KITTY KITTY!!! :lol2: :lol2: :smack2: i want that cat's hide on my wall!!!!

  3. Was just told that the range officerssaw the Mt Lion in the same place i did up in the rocks behind the club house
  4. Bet he was suprised at the end of his stalk, and probably thought it was one dumb antelope too boot.

    What are you getting all bent out of shape for, you have a heck of a story to share plus a lion close by you get to hunt for a few days until the season closes.
  5. oh yeah i bet he was suprised. i am getting bent out of shape cause i dont need this cat attacking more of my 3-Ds yes its a great story. but don't need 39 more getting snacked on lol the cat has to go. :lol2:
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    Mountain lions are predators, they eat meat. You leave something out that looks like a meal to them and what do you expect is going to happen:confused:
  7. Your goat doesn't look any worse than some of the 3D's we have to use for our walkthru's at Ben Avery.