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ok i got the info from Don today well well i what i have to say here it is even the name of the guy who was behind it all we all should contact him and tell him what we all reall think hope you all enjoy it . srry it took a little time to get it but Don had to take a stone to Garth today lol.

Mountain lion season shortened three months

Responding to a request by a group of “about 100 houndsmen statewide” the Commission approved shortening the state’s lion hunt by three months, making it illegal to hunt lions-except under depredation situations in June, July or August.

However hunters can still hunt year around in a few units that have multiple bag limits.

One sportsman, Chris Denham, spoke to the Commission on behalf of the houndsmen and noted that a number of conservation groups statewide backed the proposal.

Mike Burris, the president of the Wildlife Conservation Council, and past president of the Arizona Predator Callers, spoke on the matter and said his group did support the proposal to cut the season by three months.
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