Muddy Falls of Arizona

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  1. I searched but could not find this place mentioned anywhere on this site. Great place to visit. Use Google and check out the photos. The Niagara Falls of AZ in the spring when we have a good snow melt. NE if Flagstaff on a reservation. The Little Colorado. 2 wheel drive works but 15 miles of driving 5 MPH on a washboard. But well worth it.
    Someone smarter than me could post a photo
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  2. My girlfriend and I tried to go see them back in early March but they were closed because of the corona. It is definitely one of the places that I want to see.
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  3. If you go during a good runoff year, do your best to park upwind from the falls. The water is really muddy and the mist and spray will coat you and your vehicle in brown slime in only a few minutes if you get in it. Be especially careful with "good" camera equipment. The slime will destroy your lenses, it's like valve grinding paste. I've seen it done, be aware. FWIW. JM
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  4. So true John. My first trip I parked on the South, lower elevation side. The wind was howling out of the North picking up small, nasty particles. Standing next to the car and it felt like we were being sand blasted. Wife and granddaughter decided to stay in the car away from the wind and gravel.
    Me and my grandson hiked down to the waters edge below the falls. Fun little hike and a nice view from the bottom.
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  5. FWIW. The actual name is "Grand Falls" of the Little Colorado River. A lava flow from Bonito Crater blocked the bed of the river diverting its flow over the side of the canyon. The vertical drop is over 300 feet, about twice the height of Niagara Falls. JM
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