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    I shot this buff in November. I will be the first to tell you that this was not a hunt. But, I will tell you that he was as wild as they get, and he was mad. I never thought an animal that was over 2ooo lbs could and would bounce as he ran, much like a mule deer does. And, that tail was up constantly.
    I wanted the experience and when the meat is gone, I will try a hunt in Colorado, probably.
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    WOW. Thats big and how long will you have meat? Great picture. :wink:

  3. Holy shamoly batman! :shock:

    You took that thing down with a bow? Nice! :wink:
  4. Thanks guys.........wasn't sure if I should post it.
    I have a large chest freezer full of meat, we started with 1 1/2 freezers full.
    This bull field dressed 1720 lbs.
    One thing is, I have done my homework and know the capabilites of my bow and my shooting. I killed him with an expandable. I was shooting a Bowtech at 70 lbs. with 2314's. It gave me great penetration and took the buff down fast.
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    After my 'near death' encounter with a herd of buffalo, I don't ever want to be within a mile of one again.

    I've seen the war dance they do... just before they plan on crushing you to death.

    Gee, what a toad bull. Where was this bull taken?

    Nice job!
  6. Hey Garth,

    Can we get some more details of the "hunt"? I know you say it wasn't a true hunt, but you still had to get close to a very dangerous animal and you shot him with a bow. That's impressive. I would do it in a second if I had the opportunity.
  7. Blake,
    It was, to say the least, an experience that I had never felt before. It was exciting to do, but I was scared at the same time. I mean, scared like yer gonna crap yer drawers, scared.
    The bull was in a corral which measured about 150 yds x 100 yds. Basically, you buy the bull, and you shoot it with what you want.
    The owner warned us, ( my friend shot 1 too) that nobody ever killed a bull there with a bow, and he doubted we could do it either. The bulls are free ranging on a 400 acre ranch and you can hunt them there (no cover) or in the corral. Because of the bulls' temperments, we chose the corral.
    It was very hard to catch the bull standing, as he was mad that there was a human trying to get close to him. He bounced, or as Dan said, did a war dance, all over the place, with his tail up. The owner said that if his tail was up, watch out, beause he would charge. Several times, I was seen running for the fence to get out of the way.
    At one time, another friend, threw a rock near me and made me about crap my drawers right there and then.
    I was able to get an arrow in my bull as he went past me at about 15 yds. As the bull got weak, he just laid down. from the shot to the bull's death was about 30 seconds.
    One thing, I found out is to shoot the bull in the lower 3rd of the chest cavity, as the hump creates an illusion where the lungs lie.
    If you get a chance to do it, take the opportunity, the excitement is nothing like anything else I've known.
  8. Thanks Garth,

    I got a rush just reading the story. I think most people don't realize that even if you are in a pen shooting the bull, it's still challenging. Just the thought of being "in a pen with a bull buffalo" should make the hair on your neck stand up!

    Care to share the price and where this took place? I would like to look into it some more.

    Thanks again.
  9. It was in North Dakota and cost $1700.
    I dont like the word "pen", because it makes it sound like it is in a very small area, and I think people get that image in their mind.
    I think this particular guy sold all of his buffs, and I have heard of a place near Colorado Springs that is pretty cheap.