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hello guys,well my cow hunt in 5a is done for me and while i didnt fill the tag i had and awesome friend and i were in elk everyday from fri thru tuesday.he shot a cow mon night but we lost its bloodtrail.he shot it at 12 yds,broadside-a bout 8-10 inches behind the shoulder and mid rib cage.after the shot she went up the hill and did the heavy breathing thing and sounded like she fell over and started kicking and stumbling.we thought she was done right there.well he shot her right before sundown and the other elk were all over us-i had 6 bulls around me and a spike ran right into my little hiding spot :shock: .we tracked blood drops from 7pm till 12:30am,we lost the blood trail,marked it and came back in the am and started again.we only found a few more drops then completely lost it,so we combed the hill she was going up but no luck :( the spot she originally stopped at above the spot he shot her we found a plate size pool of foamy blood,we even found the blood saoked b-head with about 1"- 1 1/2" of broken arrow still attached about 100 feet really stinks to lose an elk that way-we thought she was down for sure.he shot her with a fixed 3 blade 100 grain broadhead-buried it in her side up to the vanes he said.i have lots of little stories but i ll start a new thread on the my favorite.

it's always sad when we can't recover an animal that we know has been hit. However anyone that has hunted for any length of time has probably experienced the same helpless feeling.
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