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Discussion in 'Archers Lodge' started by Desert_Ram, May 14, 2007.

  1. Well my day off today was great we went out to the range and shot our bows at 630 am before that dang wind came up and then we moved some of our 3-D targets around for the shoot this weekendand shot somemore. i shoot 34 arrows and it felt great. even shot 30 yards an hit the target take a look ttteee hhee. even took a pix of what our fixed range looks like. then to top off my day we went to the store to get a few things and what do i find on the floor and NO ONE AROUND!!!!! a $100.00 HOW COOL IS THAT !!!! :D

    fix target range 20-90 yards and yes we have people that shoot 90 yards!!!!

    my 30 yard shot not bad for it not being sighted it lol !!! :)

    i love this one an arrow in flight tteee hhee!!!!

    just having fun shooting my bow
  2. Relax your grip, looks like you are choking a chicken to death before he pecks you. The white knuckles in the first pic are a dead giveaway. You have a sling so you don't have to worry about dropping your new toy.

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    Marsha, you have to know that if you're going to post pic's of yourself shooting, us guys are going to critique your form. Dave gave you some great advice in an earlier thread and I think you may have not taken it seriously?

    AzSlim is right, you really do need to relax and slightly open your bow hand, let the bow grip nestle in on the web of your hand. Gripping a bow will cause the bow to torque and your shot consistency suffers for it. Even more so at longer yardage. You can see your knuckles are white in your 2nd pic, relax that grip!

    Two other things I observe is, you seem to knock just a hair different with each shot. Others may argue this, but even though you shoot a peep, I think you need a kisser button to get you trained into knocking the exact same way with each shot. Think of it as training wheels, after a while, you can take it off.

    Your draw elbow is still too high and should be level with your bow shoulder. Best to start working on these 3-key components before you develop some serious bad habits.

    Other than that, you look just fine. Oh, nice looking shooting range.
  4. yeah i didnt catch that at all i need to get back into shooting shape :frusty: its been well over a year since i have shot and with it being a new bow trying to get used to it and the sight all over again oh well better luck tomorrow
    :lol2: i guess we all have some bad habitats we do in archery lol will work on it though thanks for the help
  5. ooooohhhhh thats so not funny :smack2: :smack2: :smack2: hope that hurt !!!!!!! :lol2:
  6. great pics ram, GO LEFTY:) :tea:
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    Marsha, I just started shooting late last year, so I'm no pro by any stretch.

    Looking back at the last pic you posted, your shoulders are squarely over your hips, and your hips are squarely inlinewith your feet. You have some good basic shooting form, just work on the grip, elbow and consistent knock point. You'll do great if you get the 3-basics figured out.
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    Your form is much better than the pictures you first posted on AZOD.
    Did you get any draw length added to your bow?

    Relax your bow hand.

    Can we see a pic of your hips while you are shooting :)
  9. :eek:dave, "we" dont want to look at Dan's hips.............