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  1. I took today off with really no particular reason. Boredom has set in, and I'd like to share some pictures....

    Landscapers came this's the end result..

    And another...finally getting warm enough to swim. Notice the lawn mower in the background. I ran out of gas, and had 2 beers....No lawn or life is worth going for more. Hell - I'll mow tomorrow morning when it's cooler.


    Here's Farley dog still recovering from a fight with my other bird dog (since has been placed in a home without other dogs; great otherwise).


    Here is the steer in the "pasture" being fed nothing but the grass that grows and an occasional flake of alfalfa hay...look close. It's under the orange tree in the shade. Should be ready for eating late this fall. The "Beefster" is about 625 lbs now.

    What else does a guy have to do on his day off?? Well, I'm BBq'ing a small pork roast for pulled pork later tonight with my wife and's a shot of it on my ceramic cooker. This cooker is great! I can cook for 18 hours or so on on load of charcoal at 200 - 250 degrees as well as sear a steak at 700 + degrees. The pork roast has another couple hours to go.


    Just had to throw two hot links on for my son. He'll appreciate it when he gets home from school...


    Here's the dusty cooker...
    It's clean inside though! STill have a long way to go to finish the table it's in, but it's a start. We're trying to go with Mexican style colors.


    Speaking of my son (he's only 15 ladies). Here he is blasting my ears out....not a bad guitar player though...


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    Hey DutchmanAZ, all you had to do was give a call and I could have made it over for some BBQ Pork. I am not that far. Next time call me the night before :mrgreen:

    So, you are one of those who "just take off" how do you go about doing that? :nyah:

    Cool photos. If you need some help with that Cow give a yell.

  3. Not bad pics. As far as the chow goes, I cooked up some baby back ribs, golden potatoes sliced, olive oiled and seasoned on the grill then steamed up some squash & broccoli. I think it is a toss up which one of us had the biggest belly ache. Then I finished off the evening with the best part of a bottle of Corralejo.
  4. Well Paul - gotta burn those vacation days somehow and the only way I know is to take them :nyah:

    Slim - you're dinner sounds pretty good.

    Didn't get to the dominos Knine. I did spend some time in the pool though.
    Farley couldn't stand herself and jumped in wanting to play. I look like I was in a fight with a cat with all the scratch marks she left on me.
    Oh well...good times. Managed to throw a few oat sodas back as well :beer:

    Did anyone notice how freaking hot it is today? Holy Smokes :runforhills:
  5. I have been trying not to
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    Nice pictures, why wasn't I invited to the cookout? Excellent picture of Zeke he never mentioned that he played the guitar. Maybe you can have him bring it along on the next hunt and he can entertain us in the evening.:)