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  1. Hello all! Just came across AHT recently which looks like a great resource and forum to take part in. My name is Daniel and I am a relatively new hunter, just getting started over a year ago. I have always loved the outdoors, growing up camping, hiking, fishing, backpacking and doing other activities. Hunting has always been of interest to me but I never felt like I had the know how or friends to help get me going. I have extended family that have hunted most of their lives but since they live in Utah and elsewhere it hasn't made it easy to be mentored or to learn from them.

    Luckily I have some good, knowledgeable friends here in my area that have helped get me going. I have also become an avid watcher, reader and listener of well known hunters such as Randy Newberg, Steve Rinella and others. I live in Anthem and have already been able to go out with friends or get drawn for various hunts (elk, javelina, deer).

    Hopefully at some point I can offer or contribute back since others have been helpful in getting me more interested and active in such great outdoor adventures. I look forward to learning and interacting with you all!
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    Welcome to AHT!
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  4. Welcome! This is a great place to be.
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