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Discussion in 'Big Game' started by bowhuntinmaniac, Jul 5, 2006.

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    here is my antelope that I got in the 2001 archery hunt. he is not huge by AZ standards, but I really like how his horns curl forward instead of the typical inward curl.
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    Anyone who can harvest a lope with a bow gets my nod of admiration.

    Curiously, what unit was your buck taken?

    That's an awesome buck by any standard. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nice one! I'm a complete novice (or what's less than that) at bowhunting and hope to give it another whirl this year for deer.
  4. Thanks guys............he came from 17B, which is a hard draw with only 5 tags. I drew number 5 with 2 points. Not only is it a hard draw, but the majority of the unit is on private property.
    I spent every weekend talking to property owners and finally convinced one to let me hunt his property. It sure was sweet to have that place to myself.
  5. How'd you get him to "sit" and "stay" like that, before taking his picture?? :shock:

  6. Hey Marshall,
    How are ya?
    I was hunting alone and my timer wasnt working on the camera, so I propped him up with a stick. Then my wife did a lil photoshop to eliminate the stick.
  7. Very nice buck indeed. 17B is a tough unit with all the private property. You did very well with that buck. Congrats.