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  1. As you are looking for places to setup, Keep your eye out for Prey animals, game trails, rabbit poop, etc. These are all things that predators are looking for!
    As far as your sounds go you won't scare any away by playing it too softly. So start there and work up.
    One of my most successful sounds has been two kittens in a box! My Grand daughters kittens were going in to get fixed and we caught them the night before. I just recorded that!

    One thing that has helped me is practicing sitting still. Practice even while reading on your computer moving only your eyes, and keeping everything else still. At first you will only be able to do this for a minuet or so at a time. But with practice it gets easier.
    Your first one is always the hardest, After that they just start lining up for you!
    My first coyotes were shot while disking or plowing. The dogs would follow to get what you turn up with the tractor.
    Then I would wait after a day of shooting gophers and ground squirrels for the coyotes to come in for a free meal.
    I was in my 40's before I started hunting coyotes, and not just shooting them as targets of opportunity.
    I really enjoy getting them to think they are hunting me! Keep at it! DR
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  2. Any new results? Been out but got skunked? We are waiting for pics of your first! DR
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  3. the bowie area, paradise and portal - all have a bunch of predators

    Tombstone south and east - Stockton hill lots of fox and bobcat.
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  4. That pretty much sums up that area. Good Info !!!
  5. I've hunted down there a bunch over the years. If you want a bear, Portal / Paradise is probably the best area to hunt.

    Stockton hill, near the Cowan ranch, lots of fox and bobcat, with some coyotes.
  6. Have shot 6 bears, I think I'm good for my lifetime.
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  7. I look for shady spots near water and sit like a statue. I see all kinds of stuff go by.