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  1. well i finally retired my walmart 20 dollar pack and ponied up for a badlands superday pack.i went back and forth between the 2200,the hypervent(very nice) and the superday.they sure arent cheap! hopefully i made a good decision,it was tough because i wanted the hypervent but at 170 bones i just couldnt.the 2200 has eveything including the kitchen sink on it but i just felt it was too big to lug around.there was also another pack that was really cool,an eckerson or something like that-it was really tempting because it had a built in rifle holder,bow holder spottingscope holder and it was only 100 bucks.
  2. Way to go! I still have a pretty cheap one that I use for both hunting and fishing (river) trips. One of these days I'll get one for both, but it's worked so far. I need to start shooting my bow with it on, but DANG>> still hotter than heck. Watch - the one shot I'll get will be when I have the pack on :oops:

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    I have a CamelBak Commander that I really like. Do the Badlands packs have built-in hydration systems?
  4. I still have my wallie world pack. I use it with the bladder from my Camelbak. I've only had it for a season and the handle came unstitched already. Those Badlands look real nice. I don't want to paw through them at SW because then I want one, and then I have to go thru the pain of trying to decide WHICH one. I really like the rifle "pouch" option. My pet peeve is wearing a pack and having the rifle sling keep sliding off my shoulder.
    Congrats. Get good use out of it.
  5. Hey azcat - welcome to the forums! Drove through your neck of the woods today, on the way home from 34A..
  6. Thank you, sir. Hope your time out was successful. I'm going next weekend for muley in 33. Hope the weather is as it was today. I plan on doing a lot of walking, and an overcast day makes things nicer.