New Big Game Hunting Draw Schedule.

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    Got this off this AZG&F site. New change.

    Schedule set for first-ever winter draw for elk, antelope

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    Oct 27, 2006

    PHOENIX – Big game hunters are about to see a big change to the timing of the draw for two of the most popular hunting seasons in Arizona. This will be the first year that the Arizona Game and Fish Department holds a winter draw, or lottery, for elk and antelope tags.

    Today, the Arizona Game and Fish Commission conducted a special meeting to set the application schedule for the new winter draw. The idea of the switch is to let hunters know early enough whether they have been drawn for these two popular big game animals, prior to their applying for fall deer, turkey, javelina, bear and buffalo hunts during the traditional application process in the spring.

    The application deadline for elk and antelope is Feb. 13. Hunt permit-tags and refund warrants will be mailed out by April 27.

    “The commission will actually set the permit numbers for the elk and antelope hunting seasons during its meeting on Dec. 9 in Phoenix, but we wanted to have the application schedule set now so potential applicants can better plan ahead,” said Assistant Director Richard Rico, special services division.

    The department will begin accepting applications for elk and antelope as soon as the regulations are posted on the department’s Web site at That posting should occur by the end of December. The printed regulations should be available at hunting license dealers by Jan. 12.

    The grace period for the winter draw will end at 5 p.m. on Jan. 19. During the grace period, if a paper hunt-permit tag application that is manually submitted contains an error, then the department will make three attempts within a 24-hour period to notify the applicant by telephone (if a phone number is provided).
  2. HMMM,

    Y'aall pucker up, cause I bet they wont be using any lubrication this time. The last little survey ( yep the one with the questions loaded so heavy you could not get a ballistics chart with a whole pound of powder) showed them everything they need to pillage and plunder all the good hunts in the state, and replace those tags with mediocre tags. And with the fee schedule going up for 07.. Boy were going to get the big screw I bet. And my guess is they wont stop there, 08 will be even worse. About the only thing we can hope for is getting our Goobener replaced with someone who can appoint a good person to head G&F. hunting here in Az will never be the same for us residents. Unless we move out of state. LOLL> NOT!!!!!

    Call the folks in Phoenix and holler loud if you have the chance. I tried telling those at the office in Tucson and they punted. Would not even talk to me about the last survey or anything like that. kept telling me to call the big office in Phoenix, and got a little hostile about it when I persisted a little.

    Be afraid very very afraid..

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    I have been hollering loud and long, but it seems I am a lone voice in the wilderness, according to G&F. TGhey really do not care what we, as the people that actually fund the department, have to say.
    I would say let's show them by not putting in for the '07 season, but then I would be hypocritical, and hoping nobody else did, so I could get tags. :wink:
    Maybe they will wake up, if we do get anither governor that will listewn to the people with the money.
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    OK guys, not trying to be argumentative, but tell me what you don't like about this early draw?

    Prices aren't all that bad when compared to some other activites. If a guy bought a combo license ($54.00), elk tag ($121.50), deer tag ($42.25) and javelina tag ($28.75) that comes out to $246.50 and you only have to pay for the tags if drawn. That is less than a dollar a day for something we really enjoy doing. I probably pizz that much down the drain in recycled beer in a days time (less than a dollar a day, not the $246.50 :D ). I would venture a guess that if you and spouse were to go out to a pro football game you would spend that much for 3+ hours of entertainment and if it was a Cardinal's game you would really be getting robbed. A good restaurant and movie probably half that much.

    Now if'n your talking about the restructuring of some of the hunts such as the timeframes and tag reshuffles I would be inclined to agree with ya.
  5. I dont have a problem with the cost of tags.......we have had it made for a lot of years and finally the NR is going to have to pay to play here, especially since they have to buy a license to apply now.
    For the quality of game here, it is well worth the price.
    One thing I did do is buy my lifetime license before it goes up again next year.
  6. I like the way it's headed. Granted, I can afford most anything they throw my way and can see how a working guy with a family could have some problems if he's deep in debt. I was expecting to see gradual increases over time rather than get slugged with a big increase all at once but hey, that's the hand they dealt us. We know it's coming and need to get ready for it. I quit a 10 cans of Copenhagen a week habit. At nearly $4 a can x 52 weeks that's over $2K a year. I can do alot of hunting on that.

    I like the early draw for elk and antelope. If I wanted to, it gives the chance to apply in other states if not drawn here. I've always hated the fact that especially with an archery antelope tag you have very little time to scout an area.

    Should throw a curve ball at the e-scouters. If they get drawn now they have at least 6 months to scout. It's going to be tough to use the excuse "I can't find the time".
  7. The only thing I have a problem with on the time line is they come before I get my income-taxes back. And I guess having a load of hunters in the household. Its going to cost a bit on money every year with 4 of us hunting in 08 and by 2010 I will possibly have all 6 of us hunting. its going to get to the point where there is going be be a lottery at the house to see who gets to apply. :cry:

    Its everything else that gets me. My Brother lives in Washington state, and pays $75 for a license and it includes tags for everything except moose. Several other western states are way below us for their residents. Let the non resident shoulder a little more of the load.

    When I go out of state I dont mind paying non resident fees. But would like to see the tags here in Az stay to where I can afford them for the whole family. With 2 of the kids and the wife already hunting, and 2 more on the way up in the ranks. OUCH.

    And the deal with taking half of the Archery bull tags, Dec whitetail tags etc. and doubling them for hunts earlier in the season just has greed written all over it. Personally I would rather wait several years for a Sept. bull tag then be guaranteed a Nov archery bull tag. But then again nothing beats the safety of having several hundred of your closest hunting buddies all hunting the same area at the same time. LOL.. And at least now I stand a chance of drawing one of the tags listed above. If they cut the numbers in half, then those tags are going to be even harder to get.

    Anyway, I wish they would leave things alone.

    Either way guess my thought on this dont matter to them. I will have to deal with it as it comes just like the rest of us.