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Discussion in 'Community Campfire' started by Desert Rat, May 10, 2007.

  1. OK I managed to snap a few pics with my new (used) camera, which I recently purchased from Outdoor Writer.


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    Looks good Rat. Next pics from you should be that archery buck you get.

  3. I'm getting the feeling that I'm a better photographer than a hunter LOL

    I never manage to kill anything to photograph, but there's always stuff in nature to make good photos...
  4. Start practicing hunting them now with your camera. I tell folks in my HE classes that you can hunt all year round, it is only a few days a year you can actually kill game. The more time you spend practicing the better your efforts will be when it comes time to put meat in the freezer.
  5. Hey Marshall, not bad for early results. Good show.

    Here's what a bit of post-processing can do with your image editing software.

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  6. Holy cow, OW

    What's that? Brightness?

    I haven't messed with the software much. My computer wouldn't talk to my camera, I think because I am running Windows XP. I tried downloading a patch/upgrade but that didn't seem to help. I ended up buying a memory card reader....
  7. M,

    The post processing I did is a combination of several Photoshop functions that are likely available in the software I gave you, as well.

    I first increased the overall color satuartion a bit, then adjusted the "levels" so the shadow areas were a bit darker than the middle tones and highlights. Last was some contrast beefing up.

    RE: talking to the camera

    I used it very successfully with XP. When you plug it into a USB XP should recognize it as a device under the list of drives. You then use Windows Explorer (file management) to locate, copy the pix to your HD and delete them from the card.
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  8. Thanks, Tony. I'll give that a whirl...
  9. Meant to ask:

    Did you install and try the Camedia software?

    If the one I gave you doesn't work, go to this link and DL a version for XP.

    Olympus software
  10. Yep, I loaded the Camedia you gave me, and tried downloading a new version as well. I plan to mess with it some more this weekend.... I only had a few minutes one night this week to play around with everything