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  1. Yes imaybe getting a new dog :D and she is 11 months old my co-workers know that i LOVE Choc labs so when Roy our dog traniner asked my if i wanted a FREE pruebreed Choc Lab i looked at me and said i hate u lmao so now my BF and i are really talking about getting her he knows how much i have been wanting a Choc lab :( and she has all her shots and is fixed the ppl who had her are moving and cant her with. uummm i should have pixs soonand when i do i'll post them lets see that would make
    3 dogs, 5 birds, 2 guinea pigsand 3 fish tanks. do you think i work at the right place LMAO oh boy cant wait i can take her though our K-9 classes we have at the store. wish me luck guys.
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    We had a chocolate Lab named Dixie. Best darned bird-dog on the planet. She had a nose like no other...

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    No CATS?

    Hey Desert Ram, what no CATS?


  4. Aww tallpaul yes i had a great cat for 16 years and had to put him down last aug don't know if i want another cat just yet but here is a pix of Lucky Mew
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    That's a cool picture Desert Ram.:)
  6. Speaking of cats.....

    A few weeks ago, a neighborhood feral cat had her kittens in the side yard outside my woodworking shop, and we have since become buddies. When I bring them milk and say "good morning," all three come running and can't wait for me to put the dish down.

    They are probably about 5-6 week old now and are starting to climb. So they likely won't hang around much longer once they figure out how to scale the 6' wooden gates. Jack (see photos) is a super kitten and about as friendly as can be toward me. If I leave the shop door open, he often wanders in to visit. He loves being held and having his tummy rubbed. He's also the first one out of hiding when he hears my voice.

    Anyway, to the point: If anyone wants a cat or two, now's the time to speak up. I'm in Glendale near 67th Ave. & Camelback.

    These were taken about two weeks ago.

    Jack, Manny & Moe



  7. aw they are so cute looking :lol: thanks for posting the pixs
  8. Hey ram , luck on getting new puper...:) :D
  9. no not yet tx maybe after this weekend is over cause we have a 3-D shoot