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Discussion in 'Hunting Lounge' started by Big Country, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. Hello everyone, I have been snooping around your site and you're my kind of people. I just moved here from South Dakota. I have spent my entire life hunting and fishing, and now I have moved down here and am totally lost. Everything seems different around here. I don't really know anyone around here, but I'm looking for either some advise on hunting around arizona or even better if there's someone out there who wouldn't mind a tag along on some hunts. Like I said, I've hunted ever since I could walk and I feel I know quite a bit about hunting (rifle and archery). Anyways, If anyone can help, I'd be very appreciative. P.S. I've got great pheasant hunting and ice fishing land still back home.
  2. Welcome, BC! I can tell you that I moved here from Maine, and have pretty much had to re-learn everything I thought I knew about hunting. My success rate has been low (so far) but my enjoyment has been high!

    There's a lot of helpful guys on this board. You'll be pointed in the right direction, in no time!


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    :welcome: BigCountry. You're going to love it here, especially after the new wears off.

    Make yourself at home and start kindling some friendships. I've personally made lot's of friends on these forums. Had the pleasure of hunting with some of them too.
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    :welcome: Good bunch of people here, sure you'll enjoy it. Buy yourself a good road map some topo maps and just start exploring. If'n you get on down this way stop in and we'll go do some call'n. Again welcome aboard and don't be bashful, sign in often and ask those questions about this great state. Won't be long before your the one giving out advise to the new guys. :beer:
  5. :welcome:

    Glad to have you on board! If I had enough room in my jeep I'd take you along this weekend. My son and I are going
    up on a short archery outing to chase some deer around.
  6. Welcome BC this is a great site. Arizona is a great state with good hunting and fishing. We are planning some outings later this year so keep watching for more deatails.
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    Welcome Big Country :welcome: . I travel past Youngtown to hunt once in a while, especially for quail. When the weather cools down and the snakes disappear
    maybe we can hook up and chase some around.
  8. Thanks

    Thanks everyone. I will definately keep an idea on the website and don't forget me if you need another walker or anything. I can't wait to get started hunting around here. Thanks again.
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    Welcome BC, Youngtown uh, thats the west side I haven't hunt out that way yet . I guess I can't help you out on that side but know a little about some of the state.