New Hunter to AZ - Old Hunter from Wyoming

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  1. I know those names... my dad was close with Bud Deshaw.

    I don't really fish down here because I remember how much fun it was up there. I spent most of my summer weekends fishing at North Fork (Coyote Basin) or South Fork.

    Getting off to the Crowheart side was a bit of a trek for me and my dirt bike, so I didn't go there often. We went to snag a few fish out of Bull lake from time to time but nothing much beyond that.

    I never made it over to Shoshone lake. If I went up that way it's usually to Moccasin lake. I did a lot of hunting back in that area. In fact, that's one spot I'd like to get back to someday.
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  2. Bud Edward was my Grandpa's nephew, came and visited him at Burris when I was there. He was Cop at the Fort at the time.

    Spent some time behind the Fort but most of my hunting was done around Crowheart, drive up to the burn above Dinwoody and get an elk or two or hunt the bench N of Grandparents place and get deer. People built houses on the bench and hunting sucks now. And many of my other spots have been turned into Wilderness Areas.