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Discussion in 'Welcome & Orientation' started by Desert Rat, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. As most of you have noted, we are being deluged by spammers that are sophisticated enough to bypass the "regular" joining requirements. This problem is not unique to us, and many boards are doing their best to fend off the hordes.

    We have gone to a "manual authorization" mode. That means when someone tries to join, I get an e-mail and have to authorize it, before they can post. This is reasonably effective, but my concern is that eventually, I will delete a legitimate member. Especially if the profile is empty, the spam members look very much like "regular" members. Not all of them choose bizarre user names.

    So - if you know someone is trying to join, planning to join, or got mistakenly booted, please let me know via PM or e-mail. It stands to reason that most new members are referred here by someone else.

    NOTE: Currently, even though they cannot post unless authenticated, the spam-bot thingies will still show up as new members until I delete them.
  2. Howdy DR. I'm administrator on the Indiana Hunting Today board and I been banning those spammers by IP address and whacking thier whole country. Most of them are coming from Korea

    It's a lot easier than trying to keep up deleting 3 or 4 a day.

  3. Got your PM Jack, and it has been implemented. Thanks!
  4. Yer more than welcome. Hope it helps.

    If you still keep getting any you think should not be getting through let me know.