New state record bull?

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  1. Sword Points are Crazy BIG, tops look like a Red Stags palmated tops.
  2. Bear i wonder if you could cross red stag with elk or even if it has happened on accident. There are hunting preserves in the US now with red stag
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  3. That is an amazing set of antlers! Incredible. Will look forward to finding and reading this story.
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    I think it could be done. Both are "deer". There are also elk in New Zealand. Most in enclosures I think.
  5. What a beautiful Elk. It would have been a once in a lifetime hunt for an average joe. Then again taking an elk for most of us would be a life long experience. The disappointing thing for me was it didn't appear that JJ appreciated the privilege he had to take a magnificent animal. Maybe his paid hunts have taken away the thrill of it all. Nice pair of Mules.
  6. Thats a beast, and hes not even doing the stupid fish hands trick
  7. No doubt they paid six figures just in guide fees for that elk. My uncle drew a premiere muley tag in Utah AFTER 26 YEARS of applying, and was the top point applicant. He went to the zone to look for the monster of a lifetime, and found a bunch of people on quads running around making noise, "herding" deer by pressuring them into certain canyons, and making fake camp sites to ward off other hunters. All the huge, 200+" bucks were basically "spoken for" by the expensive outfitter operations who had been trailing the deer since May/June.

    Needless to say my uncle was disappointed. Fortunately, sometimes the underdog wins. Against all odds, and with a lot of luck combined with a lot of determination, he got the one the guides were after. The outfitter lost the buck two days before, and it wandered into an adjacent area where my uncle was. 219" monster. He's in MuleyCrazy.
  8. Yeah, I've heard of a few guiding outfits, including A3 who have shady practices, or at least some shady guides under them, sneaking on places and blocking other hunters and such.
  9. Tule elk in California have a similar branching out at the top of their antlers, although it is highly improbable any of those elk crossed all the way to Utah and had a successful breeding population, it's not impossible...

  10. I saw this posted on Facebook and it stuck home to me. Many of us including me were guilty of "hate" over the jimmy john bull