NEW Swarovski STS HD & ATS HD 25-50x80 Wide Angle spotting scopes for sale

Discussion in 'The Outpost & Mercantile' started by Hunting_AZ, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. Hello,

    I'm new to the forums, but there's a lot of great stuff to read on this site! I have NEW (1) Swarovski STS HD & (1) ATS HD 25-50x80 Wide Angle spotting scopes for sale (one angled and one straight). Both are brand new never used in their original factory boxes. These are the HD models, both have the upgraded 25-50x Wide Angle eye pieces (much better than the 20-60x eye piece. I just bought these and unfortunately must part. I am selling them cheaper than you'll find these new by several hundred anywhere.

    I can send pics if needed, but it's not too exciting, still in the factory box. :) I've attached stock photos from online, but this is exactly what they look like I just haven't even used them yet.

    $2899 obo (no tax as I'm not a business, just selling my personally bought items)

    If interested, shoot me a message as I don't expect these to last too long at these prices. Cheapest you'll find online NEW on eBay, Google, or Amazon for these with better wide angle eye pieces is $3098, or with the standard eye pieces for $2948 and often plus tax and shipping.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Welcome to AHT Hunting_AZ. A little pricey for my budget, Maybe you should try to sell them separate, might get a better response.

  3. Thanks Bearfoot1! So you're suggesting selling the eye pieces and scope bodies separately? I suppose I might consider that. I also might be a little flexible in price. I realize they're pricey, but these run for more than this anywhere you can find them on the internet. I definitely appreciate your thoughts and welcoming me to the forum!
  4. Thats what Im suggesting. My thoughts are you cant look through both at same time, so why have 2 of them, unless your an outfitter or guide that has a need for 2. I agree with you that you got them priced good, but in reality, If Im going to plunk down $1500. bucks for some optics, Id spend them on glasses and not a scope.
  5. Very true. I ended up buying several pairs of binoculars and tripods too, so now I've got more than I can use and was looking to sell these two items.
    I could drop the price a bit if anyone's interested, just reach out to me. Hard to find brand new in box Swaros at a decent price. Well, even used I suppose! ;)
  6. First of all "Welcome to AHT".

    I think your price is more than fair. However do you expect anyone with any sense to send you close to 3K based on your first post? Do you know anyone here that can vouch for your honesty? Not suggesting you are not a honest person but just try to put yourself in the potential buyers position.

    Good luck on your sale and hope you stick around and contribute t the forum.
  7. Good points. I'm not sure I would even know how to build up trust on a forum, other than possibly over time. I could only offer methods that would make me comfortable with such a purchase such as through PayPal for buyer protection, sending photos, having a voice to voice conversation, etc. Your point is well taken. I just thought that I had something others might want, granted they're Swaros and not a cheap pair of optics so the price is much higher. I appreciate replies and you make sense. No argument there! :)
  8. Note the number of posts of most members here - I would not hesitate for one second to buy from any one of them.
  9. Well, given all the feedback on this post, it pains me, but is anyone interested in the ATS 80 HD with 25-50x wide angle eye piece for $2400?
  10. I dont think so, Sorry, Im looking at a Pentex 20x80 with a larger eyepiece and the 300 buck price range scares me at that price. I got a 20x60 now, I think Ill live with it for awhile longer. If I need better eyes, Ill have Chief join me, HAHA.