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  1. Hi. I am an experienced hunter (whitetail, turkey, duck, dove, pheasant, etc.) from IL now living in Sedona. My experience hunting out west is minimal. I am having a hard time getting started out here. In need of a/some good mentors please. Thanks in advance. By the way, interested in fishing too.
  2. Welcome. Its like any other hunting really. Got to get after them. F&G regs will give you good starting areas to hunt, be it deer, bird ect.

  3. It is so different out here! First virtually all public land. Second huge. Third, mostly no vehicles allowed in. I could go on. You are right, I could tough it out by myself starting from scratch, but it would be more fun and easier, more effective to have a mentor.
  4. Welcome to the forum...lots of good information here, I hear the G&F Manager is a great resource....Many here will tell ya (I am relatively new to hunting and still learning lots myself) "boots on the ground".

    My suggestion, sorry if it sounds like being an A$ the regs, read the postings here, call G&F, be specific about your questions here in the forum, and I believe (might be wrong) many here will be happy to help.

    Welcome again!
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  5. You can hunt any of the species you mentioned although the pheasant opportunity is very limited. Deer, turkey, javelina and a few other draws are due in June. You need to live in-state for 6 months to buy a resident license and tags so you may want to hold off on big game or pay more premium prices. You can definitely do small game and get out and explore the areas. An AZ hunter safety course buys you a bonus point on all your draws and is pretty easy to do. Public land is great and there is a lot of it. Try to hookup with your local wildlife officer and don't be bashful about asking specific questions here.
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  6. Welcome... this forum is great for getting hunting advice and product suggestions and from time to time folks get together for camping, hunting and shooting cool guns.. all of which is posted to everyone to participate..
    First thing is learn the hunting seasons and apply for the draw before the entry period closes
    Second thing is learn the regs for the game your hunting and study the units around Sedona... boundaries, topography, access and success rates..
    Third thing get out and get your boots on the ground of the units you want to hunt...
    we have a point system here for all big game so put in for every animal you want to hunt each year.. take the hunters ed for a bonus point and earn the loyalty bonus point by applying for the draw five years in a row

    I’ll be heading up to unit 6A for a scouting slash small game hunt in May sometime.. I’ll post the exact weekend on here
    If you’ve done all of the above already then just stay tuned for hunting get togethers coming up and you’ll make buddies in no time... just don’t ask for locations of there honey holes lol... those are going to the grave
    Good luck
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  7. Welcome to AHT !!!! Schnebly Hill Rd between Sedona and I-17 is a good starting area, everything just about hunt in Az. is aval. along that stretch of Rd. Be a little more specific on questions for the best answers, Again " BOOTS ON THE GROUND" is best advise. And Hunter Ed.
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  8. Thanks guys. I appreciate the advice. The Schnebly Hill comment is especially intriguing. I haven't gone back there yet, but will now. I have been here over a year so the 6 months is no problem.
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