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  1. I am sure this has been asked several times. But.........
    I have been out several times this spring, and yes I know it is a difficult time right now for dogs, but still I have not seen one, nor any scat, or even prints.

    I am kind of treating it as if I am tracking whitetails.

    I look for any sign, feeding areas, tracks. Nothing??

    The two areas I have concentrated on are, Table Mesa road north of New River, and a few different roads around Lake Pleasant recreation area.

    I know you guys don't want competition in the field, but a little help would be greatly appreciated.

  2. You and a few hundred other folks hit the country just outside of town. Need to get farther afield if you want to call in a dog or three. The close ones have been highly educated, can probably tell you what make & model of call you are using.

  3. With it dry, start checking waterholes, if there are any in the area, they will be hitting them.
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    First :welcome: aboard, hope to see ya around often.

    Secondly I moved your post from the Hunting Lounge to down here were it is more appropriate.

    Thirdly ya got some good advice from Slim and BHM not much I could add other than look into the thick stuff. With the weather as hot as it is that's were you'll find them. Near water and holed up in the shade. Early morning late night normally bring the best results, try howling instead of a distress call. This time of year they have pups and will not tolerate another coyote in the area. Hope this helps.

    Again :welcome:
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    :welcome: Keli , I wrote a short paragraph , but some one must have moved this and I lost the post. Welcome .
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    Ya must of been writing while I was moving it, but it still should have transfered - I think :confused:
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    The only other thing that I could add is. When looking for sign. Try looking in the washes. A lot of the time. Coyotes will use them for travel routes. They are also a good source for food. Rabbits, mice and what have ya. When it's hot and dry. Like Chief said. Sunrise and sunset are your best bets. Coyotes like to lay up when it gets hot. Yep, pay attention to the brushy areas. Good luck and good hunting. Welcome to Arizona!
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    Yes Chief , I click summit and it would not work. I tried a few times and give up. No big deal.
  9. Welcome muscle up. My girlfriend and I have been camping near Stoneman Lake in 6A and have been seeing large amounts of coyotes while hiking. Six one day. And they just look then walk away. I'm getting a license soon and will educate them with the 270. It's fawning time for the deer and it's good not to have the dogs around.
  10. Thanx

    I know I should not come aboard and start beggin'......

    I am a bit of a forum freak. So normally I know the proper protocol.

    Say all my greetings, show respect for the 500+ posters, and just read and get the info I want.

    I am as about frustrated as a three legged cat trying to bury turds on a frozen pond!:p

    I know there are 'yotes around. I see them whenever I leave the rifle at home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I feel that it is a great pasttime, especially to just keep my trigger finger soft.

    I am typically a Bowhunter, (Hint Hint) bowhuntinmaniac.

    I want to hit the 'yotes while I am out scouting. I throw a few calls out, a few distress, and wait. If nothing I will then try to find another area that looks promising for mulies.

    I like the advice about the distress call thing. I also understand that they are all bitched up right now, but it is a good time to learn.

    I need to bust that "cherry" though!!!!!

    I have the fever.