New to AZ and got some questions for this thread.

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  1. Loving AZ so far but the guys I do know here do not hunt. I come from PA so this terrain is definitely new to me. I am not looking for anyone's spots. I have no issues studying maps and scouting but I am looking for some like minded hunting buddies. I brought some of my decoys but got rid of my kayak which I plan on getting another one to do some float hunts or even hunt some of the lakes here.

    Love dove hunting and never hunted quail but those cute little SOBs run up my street, through my yard, and the wash behind my house daily.

    Lastly, anyone know best place to buy bird shot around phoenix, scottsdale, or mesa for reloading? Sorry I'm all over the place, just excited to be healed from surgery and get back into hunting.
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    You came to the right place Dan, welcome to AHT.

    I don’t reload so can’t help on the birdshot inquiry but perhaps others here can point you to the right place. Making friends here is easy, just stay engaged and post often.
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  3. Welcome, Bass pro and sportsman’s warehouse sell all the stuff you’ll need.
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  4. Welcome to Az. Glad you found us.
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  5. I did some shopping around and bass pro powder at least is twice as expensive as some of the small shops around. I'll check out their lead bird shot though.
  6. Welcome! Unless you find shot from a person that is getting out of reloading or buy reclaimed from a shooting range, the price is high here to buy new. Where are you from in PA? My family has a place along the border in Limestone NY.
  7. Yeah I've seen prices have been going up pretty much everywhere on lead shot. But even the cheap ammo I usually use is about $1.50 more here plus tax which is also more here. I'm just lucky my gun patterns best with the cheap lead and steel loads.

    I was about 10 min outside of Pittsburgh.
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    Welcome to state. I hope you enjoy hunting here. Don't be a stranger! thanks for posting. And by the way Welcome aboard!
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  9. Welcome to AHT. I heard Bruno’s is the place for reloading. Not sure what he carries but he is all about reloading