New to AZ - Want to hunt small game w/my son... Where?

Discussion in 'Small Game' started by Steve Call, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Just relocated here from Oregon. My 11yr old will be moving here once our house sells in a couple months. I want to try and get the skinny on anything we can hunt together. Rabbits, Javelina's, Coyotes, Squirrels, whatever.... We will be living in the Chandler area. Somewhere within a reasonable drive would be nice... Sure, I can read the reg's, etc on line but I'd rather talk to folks that live out here. I'm a former Jarhead Marine and want to continue to teach my son hunting skills... Any input?
  2. Robins butte and powers butte good spot for small game. They have youth hunts there where kids can hunt the wildlife refuge on dove opener.
    Might be about an hour drive for you

  3. Welcome to AHT, Steve call. Keep watching the posts, you will find something. Thank You for your Service.
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  4. Welcome! If you dig into old threads and post on this sight you might find info..that’s what I do because they get sick of my questions. Lol joke
  5. ....and thank you for your service.
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  6. Thank you for your Service!! Welcome to AZ. Just about anywhere, in my opinion, is good to get out and hunt small game. Just look at my record of hunts--OK, bad example...
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  7. Welcome to the group, Steve. Thank you for your service and for bringing up a future hunter. Most kids don't get the opportunity to spend time learning about all that makes hunting one of the greatest activities out there. Best of luck to you and as Bear and Ram said, just hang around, search the forum, you will learn a lot from this group.
  8. get on google earth and find the water tanks out in your local surrounding deserts. mostly public land , where you find water you'll find game. we call it pond jumpin

    # 1 lesson here is rattle snakes

    good luck --- your service was / is greatly appreciated
  9. Great advise Elkaholic is giving you. Rattlesnake and make sure your son is very aware of them being around. Maybe at first don’t let him venture to far away from you, especially at night if that’s your plan. Good luck on your hunts