New to forum,upcoming javi hunt 20b any tips ?

Discussion in 'Welcome & Orientation' started by PSE0511, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. New to AZ, hunter my whole life me and my son drew javi tags for 20b was thinking of hunting deer and javi same time, hunting mostly off bumblebee my son missed a nice 3x3 during Jr hunt there, any tips much appreciated
  2. Welcome to AHT, PSE0511, Good Luck on your hunts. Only hunted Quail in this unit and some coyotes, have seen some javis in unit, west of Crown King

  3. Thanks everyone , love the forum great knowledge in here
  4. welcome to aht. best of luck on your hunts.
  5. Thanks brother
  6. Start looking now. Cant find them from your couch, lol.

    Welcome to the forum, man. Use the search bar, ask questions, pics or it didn't happen. Good luck
  7. Haha very true , hopefully will have pics in January , thanks and good luck as well
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