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I recently picked up a Kahr P9 off of Gunbroker. This is my second Kahr. My first was a PM9. It is a used, but not abused. I have to say, I love this pistol! Just the perfect size for CCW. 17oz! Around 1 inch wide. 7 rounds. I absolutely love the triggers on these Kahr's! Like a sweet double action revolver. perfect for CCW! Excellent quality on the build. I showed it to a couple of friends and two of them are going to buy a Kahr (CW9 or P9) in the near future. I hope to get out in the next couple of weeks to try it out. I love it so much I'm already thinking about getting a P45. This Kahr addiction is crazy! ;-)

I picked up a Concealment Express Kydex IWB holster for it.
This is a sweet holster for the $! $40 shipped! It is comfortable! Great retention! I honestly can't say anything bad about it!

It carries so nice at 4:00 you forget it's even there! Made in the USA Baby!
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