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Discussion in 'Small Game' started by JMJ, Apr 24, 2011.

  1. hello,
    I a new member to this site and new to hunting. my freind been trying to get me to go hunting with him for about 2 to 3 years now, so i went through hunter education last year, and now have a trip planned up around bear canyon around the 13th of may. i will be trying rabbit hunting for the first time. I would greatly appreaciated any tips. THANKS,
  2. .22 or a shotgun, bunch of rounds and have fun. jacks are fast, gotta get em when they are sitting still.

  3. I greatly disagree :)... this weekend I went out and didnt see a dang thing until I started calling pepople up on the cell, put them on speaker and just had a nice conversation with whoever it was (mostly family) and the rabbits would pop outa nowhere start running and I'd hit'em on the fly...ussually followed by "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!!!!!!!!!" since I neglected to tell most I was rabbit hunting LOL
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    JMJ, welcome to the forum. As for some tips on rabbit hunting, I suggest you hunt in areas that offer lots of ground cover and green vegetation, which are usually found along the banks of washes/creeks. These type habitats are generally good places to start. Just understand that rabbits can be found dispersed across a wide variety of habitat, and even including those found in the deserts. Make some friendships here and hook up with them for some rabbit hunting fun.

    Good luck, and be sure to post any stories and pictures when you get back.
  5. JMJ,:welcome:to AHT. Dans advice is great advice. I might add Green grassy area's around a Water source. Once again welcome to the forum.:)
  6. HA HA HA HA HA soooo true. its usually followed by either a "why are you trying to kill thumper" or a "thanks for the invite a-hole"
  7. I usually get the "invite" comment! :D

    JMJ, welcome to the forum!! Jump in and post and its an AZ state law, when going rabbit hunting you are required to post pics on this forum WITH the story! :rolleyes: Participate and besides learning something new pretty often, you'll have a blast. I learn something all the time and have a lot of fun here.

    If you're hunting rabbits for food, talk to Red for advice. He shoots NEAR them and gives them a heart attack. No damage to the meat that way! :roflpmp:

  8. you are just a better shot than me! I wait until they get tired of listening to you and your grandma BSing and they stop and rest, then i shoot them. (they are really laughing at you, that's why they come out...they laugh and laugh.................pop!)
  9. hello all! new to the site and new to hunting.... JMJ, are you guys still going next week rabbit hunting?? when and where exactly are you getting together, please let me know because i would like to join in
  10. Where exactly is Bear Canyon ?? Actually I know there are likely more than a few Bear Canyon's in AZ...
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