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  1. Hi Everyone

    Im new to this forum. I thought I would introduce myself.
    My name is Kevin Romney I live in east mesa. I am a Registered Respiratory Therapist.
    I am married to a beautiful lady who hates the fact that I hunt and fish ect. but I still love her. I have 5 kids 1 girl and 4 boys. The boys like to do the outdoor stuff.
    I am an AZ native lived all overe the state and can't get enough hunting and fishing LOL
    I was lucky to draw a unit 10 deer tag this year,missed out on Turkey and my Elk tag was rejected because I forgot to check the resident box..AAAAAWWWWWGGGGGG oh well add another bonus point to the count. Anyway I hope to meet all of you this fall. Would love to get out and do some good bird huntin...

  2. Welcome to the forum and congrats on the deer tag!

  3. Are you sure a rejected tag gets a bonus point?
  4. TallPaul

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    Another One OH Yeh

    Welcome Kevin, nice to see you here.
  5. Desert Rat

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    Welcome Kevin! Glad to see you made it :D
  6. Welcome, Kevin! My son will be happy to know someone else with 5 kids.