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  1. I just found this site. I will be moving to the Oracle area next week. Leaving the state of Washington on Friday. I’ve been in Washington since 1984 but my wife and I have decided to head south, a new challenge and adventure. Both of our parents live in the Tucson area so it will be nice to be closer to family, at least I hope so.
    I’ve been a hunter and a fisherman for most of my life and look forward to exploring new areas. I won’t be able to hunt deer this year, first time in many years I’ll miss out on the October deer camp and sitting in the woods. I have a lot of things to find out first, about the seasons, game, GMUs’s, concealed carry rules, etc.
    New equipment as well since my cold weather and water proof equipment that I’ve accumulated may be too much. All kinds of fun things I need to discover.
    Washington has a similar hunting forum that I’ve been a member on for years so looking forward to spending more time on this site and learning as much as I can. So anyways, nice to be joining this site and looong forward to finding out more about opportunities in Arizona.

  2. Welcome to the site and moving to AZ...a little different then WA State! The Oracle area is a very nice area...lots of opportunities close by to get out and hike the mountains and desert.

    You will get snow up that way in the winter, depending on the actual where in Oracle. Wont stay long
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  3. Welcome.
    You may find that your cold weather gear will come in handy if you are hunting the mountains in Arizona. The state is not all desert and some of the best hunting is in areas where winter temps can be well below 0. And it does rain and snow here too.

    I recommend the Arizona Game & Fish Web page for hunting information on all of the GMU. They are all listed by district in the "Where to Hunt" section along with information on the different species in those units. Seasons are also listed there in the hunting booklet along with application dates.

    You can obtain a concealed carry by taking the classes which are offered by many of the community colleges or in some cases by private instruction. It requires a background check along with submitting your fingerprints. It is also legal to carry concealed without the permit but without the permit you do not have reciprocity with those states that recognize Arizona's concealed carry permit.
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    rk I am NOT an Admin!

    Welcome to AHT!
  5. Welcome to the group, Eric!
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  6. Welcome!!!! for sure keep that winter gear :)
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  7. Welcome to the state and the forums! I love the Oracle area....lots of opportunities in the surrounding area.
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  8. Welcome to aht and Arizona!
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  9. Welcome.... been here 14 yrs now and just started hunting a few yrs ago.. it’s been an adventure thus far and one I plan to continue.. best of luck on your new adventure
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  10. Welcome to AHT, Eric. Much better hunt ops here in AZ, diversity of game is outstanding, Lots of Cougars in this state.
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