New to this sight.

Discussion in 'The Outdoorsman Wire' started by Ramspeed, Nov 24, 2017.

  1. Units 22, 23, 21, 6a, 5a and b, 4a, 24b, 37a. All good units, Go find them.
  2. Find them....yes that is the idea huh? Lol I’m liking 23 I know it a bit. Is it time to hunt yet? Ready

  3. Btw what color are they out here? Hahahaha thank you all!
  4. rk

    rk I am NOT an Admin!

    Grayish-brown, varying some depending on the time of year. Go to Google Images and search for "arizona mule deer" to see tons of photos of them.
  5. I was totally
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