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  1. You're gonna get the urge to march around your yard doing the manual of arms if you aren't careful. Also, don't yank the scope off thinking it is the carrying handle.

    I need to come down and make sure you get it sighted in correctly.... :D

  2. ifishbaja

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    Oh know, a dreaded "black rifle". Oh wait, the furniture is OD Green. Nice looking rifle. Is it .223 or .308?

    Doug Gordon
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    Uh oh, another assault rifle. :shock: Somebody, quick... call Zumbo!! LOL.

    OK, I'm uneducated about semi-auto's. What is that? M-1?
  4. Nice weapon,oopps!! Bad word, bad word! What's the P. C. term for weapon these days? No matter. Nice rifle. Have fun!
  5. Nice Firearm chief :) i really like it alot :D
  6. Chief

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    ArmaLite M15A4, .223
  7. Chief

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    Thanks Doug, .223, but if'n they had a .308 on the shelf I would have bought it also. This one came with a 30 rd and 5 rd mag. So if the high capacity restriction ever comes about - again I'll be grandfathered in, hopefully.

    I'm not much for military style rifles, toted one around for 24+ years. The M1 Garand was the standard issue when I joined and I hated that rifle. When I retired I bought one and set it out in the backyard, every morning when I got up I'd run out and whizz on it, enjoyed watching it rust.
  8. It is based on the design Gene Stoner came up with in the late 50's/early 60's. Very accurate platform and can be had in calibers ranging from .22lr to .50beowulf. They picked up the name 'assault rifle' when the military issued them in the M16 full-auto design and have never been able to shed it. Anything that even looked like it got called an 'assault rifle' when in reality it is just a semi-auto action operated off of the gas generated by the gunpowder when a round is fired.

    Lot of fun to shoot, easy to maintain and more bells, whistles and bangles can be put on them than you can imagine.
  9. Now you know you didn't whizz on your rifle. While the thought of doing it gave you great pleasure you knew old habits would make you field strip it and clean it right after you put your whizzer up..... :D