Nikoplex or BDC Reticle?

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  1. I'm about to purchase a Nikon Buckmaster scope, and I'm looking at the various reticles for the scope. The BDC is certainly interesting, but according to an employee at Sportsmans it appears I'll need to put a little time in at the range to get it setup. What about the Nikoplex, anyone have an opinion on this reticle or the BDC?


  2. Had the BDC and hated it. Too big and covers target, especially on long shots.

  3. I've got the Balisticplex from Burris. I've got it with the fullfield II in a 4.5 X 14 and love it to death. It is great glass and the balisticplex is just like having sightpins on a bow. The only thing I did was shoot each one to find out where it would hit for sure. There chart was so close it was scary and in reality I didn't need to check it out but I'm kind of particular when it comes to my weapons. It will be my next piece of glass. I looked at the others and really didn't see anything I thought was better at 2-3 times the price. It is super, super simple and is more than enough for any hunting application I'll need it for.

    Here's the link to the reticle

    I shot an elk in Co with it this year at 450 yards. After I ranged the yardage it took no time at all to figure out where my 400 and 500 yard crosshairs were and to split the difference. Fast and simple works for hunting in my book.


  4. I looked at both before I bought my Nikon, I liked the nikoplex. I have 2 Nikon's, both with the same recticle. Very pleased with it, and is easy to look through. I never really trusted the BDC, I would rather put some time in on the range and know without a doubt where that bullet is going to hit.
  5. Something to keep in mind is the ammo. Once you get your sights figured out, not all ammo is the same. Learned that the hard way. I have a Pentax game seeker in 4-16X50 that has the precision plex reticle. Same general idea as the others and I love it!

    Another idea you may be interested in. A friend of mine has a gadget from Kenton Industries. You put it on the adjustment knob of your scope and zero individual distances with it. So you range an animal at say 400 yards, you just turn the knob and aim dead on. Kind of like the preset zeros on the pricey Swarovski.
  6. scope

    Get a vortex scope twice the scope as a nikon and the best warrenty out there. duplex or ballisti plex I have a 4x12x40 vortex diamondback BDC on my 300 win mag and it had held zero through all the recoil ,cold and rain . check it out at . or go see David at Ross Outdoors for 200.00 and gathers a ton of light..... also the vortex vipers binocs can hang with any of them .
  7. Fergie270:

    I know Vortex makes very good optics, but you think the Diamondback is twice the scope of the Buckmaster? I'd say the Viper is, and I've looked through and was fairly impressed.

    I like the Buckmaster's eyepiece, as it's quite a bit larger than other scopes and it's easier for me to look through the lens w/o moving my eyes and head around to focus at the target. I haven't looked at the Diamondback, but I may take a look at it for comparison purposes.

  8. One other question regarding magnification. With the higher magnification scopes, you inherently have a smaller field of vision. Does that bother anyone with their scopes? I was thinking of the 4x12x40 scope, but because of the smaller FOV, maybe I should stay with the 3x9x40.
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