Nosler .224 Ballistic Tip 40gr FS

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  1. $35-1 box/250 projectiles
    $100-3 box/750 projectiles
    Have a few of these for sale. 250 per pack. 750 per sleeve.
    They normally go for 50-55$ at retail sales.
    Great for 22-250, 5.7x28 (cmon who isn't getting one????) 556 and anything else you want. Slightly taller than Hornady vmax, bullet construction way better

    100 pack at Sportsmanwarehouse
    At my warehouse

  2. I am in North Phoenix. Will most likely be at Rabbit Camp as well

  3. Pictures were broken
  4. I picked some up from him and they do appear to be better quality and construction then my vmax.
    Planning on loading 22-250 and tikka 223 for pdogs
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    khmer6, we only delete/remove threads when they violate forum rules. If you’ve successfully Sold or wish to withdraw the sale item, you simply update the post as “Sold” or “Item Withdrawn”.