'Nother pork roast on the BGE today

Discussion in 'The Chuck Wagon' started by ed from bama, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. i have some home canned bread and butter pickles in the pantry and one jar in the fridge! my ultimate fav pickle! the sammies were great, froze the 2 big chunks so we have 2 meals already prepared in food saver bags.

    Rick, once it hit 160 internal i took it out, wrapped in foil and put it back in the smoker until it hit 190, then took it out and put it in a small plastic cooler to sit and rest for a couple hours. could not have been better! prolly will only cook one of these monsters every now and then due to the price, but it was sure good!
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  2. :p:D:cool: Bread and Butter pickles. Auction those 2 bags off to highest bidder, you could buy some more meat that way !!!

    I missed the first two pics, ah, Mexican food, one of my favorites.
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  3. Roadkill46, thanks for the information.