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  2. Really, No cameras, stupid proposals in my opinion. Do there job, dont worry about cameras, they use airplanes to do counts and surveys and fly areas during the season to scare game, we dont. They use electric shock to go fishing, we dont. unfair. Can not use amplified bird calls from an e-caller or one of those Rodent on a wire that moves around devices. I know my reply is extreme, but had to say it.
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  3. It wont stand... the big time guides will make a huge stink!
  4. I did not read it that closely but I recall it said cameras that are electronically connected to another device. I read it as to your phone. If that is what it is intended to change, I have to agree. Unfair advantage. Along the same line as scouting with drones.

    I think what they do to research and protect game is apples and oranges to hunters using electronic devices to harvest game.

    And I wonder why a couple of hundred guides should have a say over the thousands of us who apply for the rest of the tags? Just asking?

    So the more I thought about guides having a bigger say than we peons I had to add this. Why should someone who sets out a couple of hundred cameras connected to their phone get to harvest the big racked deer or elk over those of us who have to do it the "fair chase" way? I would guess that G&F is trying to level the field for the rest of us.
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  5. I agree with that!!! game cameras with the capabilities to send your phone an alert are not cool. Lazy hunting... not hunting at all.
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  6. That was the way I read it, too, and agree on the ban
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  7. Geez I use sat photos all the time to evaluate an area. I wonder if there is a service that can provide real time HRHD images? Or maybe that’s coming next. I get the linked camera concern. You could be in a basin and stake cameras out all around and just sit in camp waiting for a ping. If it’s a critter you want you run over that way and shoot it. And now AI pocket drones are coming to market.
  8. There is if you want to pay for it. Special Forces use them all the time. But I doubt that you, me or some guide could afford that service. Or that the government would allow their use considering the security of our country. Google Earth is at least 6 months behind real time so I doubt that if you see game they would be there by hunting season.
  9. I have seen herds of elk in unit 10 on goggle earth......still don't have an elk....
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