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  1. So more camers on water holes either? Interesting. I will never hang one on water anyway unless Im ready to give it away to the first thieving bastard that sees it.
    I have no issue with regulating the electronicaly connected cameras. I havent put one out in a couple years, too many stories about coming up missing, ask bearfoot about the ones he has lost. I will this year though and they will be down before the elk hunt starts. Now that I have an elk tag, I will finally get some deer pics on my cameras :rolleyes:
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  2. I dont put up many cameras anymore, theiving Forest Service and Tweekers. Im going to hang one for elk hunt, way up in a tree, steel box, lag screws, painted to look like a tree. Will use extension ladder to get up high, about 1 month before hunt. And not near a road or water at all.
  3. I wouldn’t care if I seen 10 cameras I wouldn’t take one...bad karma! Take the camara and 100 yards later get eat’n by a bear...huh Steve?
  4. Nah...I’m the top of the food chain. Them critters know I’ll eat them.
  5. Pay your good fortune forward Ramspeed.... build up that good karma... then share your 400 Trophy Bull with the Forum teach us all a life lesson
  6. Well sir if I kill a 400 I’ll be arrested because I’m looking for a animal with no head dress. Lol