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Discussion in 'Big Game' started by Chief, Nov 5, 2006.

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    Who is participating in the November deer hunts? Anyone in 35a?
  2. My youngest girl has a tag for 42. Hope to tag her out this year. She missed a goodie 2 years ago in the spot I am heading, my guess was somewhere around 180. My hunting partner, his wife and their neighbors have tags for that unit too. I am taking my daughter off by ourselves for the opening weekend, then helping my partner with his 3 greenhorns for a few days after Nicole goes back to school. Should be an interesting time with the newbie's - and I will have mercy on them and not walk them till their legs cramp up and they lay down and cry.......:D

  3. Slim,

    Quite the guy you are. LOL.

    There is a way to do that anyway and keep them excited at the same time. just keep telling them you " see something" and need to take a closer look. That way you can cover the country you need to actually find something, and not have them get bummed about walking all day...

    at least that works on the kids. LOL And when your able to show them soemthing around the 3rd or 4th spot they get real interested in the rest of the hunt that day,and dont realise they are tired and sore until they get back to camp... Then you explain to them that its a " good pain" LOL And go from there. for the rest of the hunt. LOL.. Has worked every time for me.

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    I'll go out Friday morning and stay up on the mountain until about mid-day Saturday. Have a hunter coming in from back east on Sat that I have to pick up in Tucson. Hopefully I'll have my deer hanging so that I can devote full time to him getting a deer.
  5. I used that method before Shane and my kids don't fall for it anymore. But nowadays they are willing to put in some miles. Also another thing with kids is to take hard candy, it gives their mouths something to do other than talk......:D
  6. Slim,

    Your a genious,.. I never thought about hard candy.. :idea: Thats got to be better then what I have been doing.. :twisted: and its hard to find the cloth duct tape any more. :wink:


    Good luck with your hunts. I forgot you had a tag. Have a fellow and his youngster to find a couple of mulies in 32 for this next week.
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    I'm going to be sitting under that oak I told you to sit under and kill myself a big ole 4x4. Probably the one that walked past ya when you were taking your mid-morning nap :lol: Only problem is that once I have him down not sure I can carry one out anymore...Got my frame out this morning and put it on and ran a mile with 45 pounds on it and it darn near killed me. Had to stop at the local watering hole and have a few brews just to make it back home.
  8. Got to give you credit Chief for running. I don't run anymore even if something is chasing me. Nowadays a fast walk is about all I can muster - unless I see game, then I still have a 1/4 to 1/2 mile burst left in me, just not as speedy a burst as they used to be. I shuttle my game out now, pack my gear and gun/bow a few hundred yds, then go get the game and haul it up, then gear, then game until I get to where I can pull my outfit up and load it.

    I will probably be down in your neck of the woods come Dec for a few days. Hopefully we can hook up.
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    Looking forward to it.
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    I run every morning, without fail, from the bed to the bathroom :lol: I was running anywhere from 5 to 7 miles a day but stopped doing that about two years ago. My wife keeps telling our friends "he is 66 Y.O. he thinks he's 26 Y.O." I tried telling that to a young lady at the local saloon last night - she didn't believe me, don't know why.....