Now that backpage is gone......

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  1. I saw that but they still need to do some work with their software. The search engine is very weak.
  2. I'm sure it'll get better once it gains more traction.

  3. I have heard about this through various hunting pages on FB so I bet the site will gain some traction.
  4. That is where I found out about this new site as well.
  5. I had an FFL back in the mid 80's when it was a lot cheaper. It was still a paperwork nightmare and became more of a burden than a benefit which is the ultimate objective of government regulations. Back in the 30's the Golden Gate Bridge was constructed start to finish in four years. Today you couldn't even get the required permits through the signature loop in four years.
  6. That is the crap Trump is tryin to fix...take 5 years to get a lic. To build a road that takes 6 months to build. Stupid