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October Give Away * Pictures* !!

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My aplogies for not getting these up sooner...been really busy around my place between extra projects at work and the standard honey-do lists and other responsibilities around the house.

At any rate - check this beauty out!

Here's the box..the scope was packaged very well both inside the box and the shipping container.

Box Opened

Assembled scope. FYI the cap on the end which must be removed to put on the sun shield
is threaded, not simply oversized like most to fit over the end of the recticle.

Scope front Close up.

Rear close up

Scope again... figure out which gun to put it on...this thing has so many dials, etc it'll take me a while
to figure everything out. The manual that comes with it seems very informative so it shouldn't be too hard.

Thanks again to the sponsors who made this giveaway possible!
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Thanks for posting the pictures, sure is a nice looking scope. Now we need to see the results of your testing it out on the range and in the field. I'll have to keep MaineVueOptics in mind when I need another scope.

Hey Ron, Thanks for posting the photos of that nice Scope. Looks pretty good. I am glad you were the winner. Good luck with it.

I had nothing to do with Ron Posting these pictures. :lol:

Oh now I have to get after Marshall about something.... :roflpmp:
Thanks for posting the pictures. Please give us some feedback on how well you like it in the field.
Great pictures. I actually got a call from Steve Tweedie this morning and he just shot his buck. He tagged out at 204 pounds. 8 pointer I think he said. I am sure he will share pictures as soon as he gets back home. He is trying to get his brother inlaw to shoot his first deer now.

Let us know how that scope performs. :D
Nice pics of the Scope DutchmanAZ glad you like it. I'll have to have Remington post a picture of my Maine Deer. I'm not as computer savvy as some of you. I managed to get them up on the Maine site.
Nice looking buck Steve, congratulations.
Thanks Chief! DutchmanAZ may recognize the scope on the rifle. I'll see if I can't get one out of New Hampshire now!
There's a new online review of some of the MVO scope line you can check it out here. seems Kelly Ross really liked the same model that DutchmanAZ won, he ended up using that model for his deer season up in Manitoba.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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