OK, I'm bragging a little

Discussion in 'Community Campfire' started by Desert Rat, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. If you pick up this month's issue of Eastman's Hunting Journal, you may recognize the fellow that did the review on the Badlands pack.

    Our own TallPaul took one of the pictures!
  2. TallPaul

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    I am running out to get my copy. I never got to see those pictures and to think I'll have to pay to see them. :mrgreen:
    Since I haven't posted any pictures lately here are some from that day. You may have seen these before. This was the day I got hooked on predator calling. I got to see a Coyote running away at about 25 yrd. I am trying to get out this weekend to do some Bobcat calling.

    Desert Rat in the Desert.

    The area we were hunting.

    Camo Man.

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    Boy that looks like there might be some touch terrain in there with heavy underbrush BUT what goreous scenery.
  4. You guys were in some good desert mule deer country from the looks of things.
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    Looking Good

    I got my copy of Eastmans Hunting Journal. Marshall is looking good glassing the Desert with that Badland's back pack. Good review written by Mashall. Makes me want to by a Badlands pack. I guess they are worth the money and the LIFETIME WARRANTY.