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Was going through the ole gun safes today and decided that I need to clean house. I'm not getting any younger and just can't hunt like I use to. I have already given my kids and grandkids all the rifles and shotguns that they could ever use. Came across an old Savage Model 12, pre Accru-Trigger with a Weaver 6-20X40 Fine Crosshairs GS sitting on it, thought to myself "I'll bet I could get, well maybe $500 buck for it." Bought that rifle when all four kids were at home and extra dollars were far and few between. Then I got to thinking about all the times I spent sitting on a hillside with that old rifle, of the many coyotes that that rifle put down and a few deer also. I got plenty of long guns in that safe that sure are a lot more pretty and cost a hellva lot more, Sako's, Kimbers, Anschutz, Winchesters from the Custom Shop, Weatherby, Ruger #1 and even a few custom made ones. Put a light coat of oil on it and put it back in the safe. Maybe I'll just get rid of one of them high priced ones that just look pretty and really never been through the hard times with me.

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And I bet that one of the kids would not mind having it at some point to pass on through the generations. I have had several guns pass through my gun safe over the years, But everything thats come down through the family is still there, and I have one or 2 that fit your description which will be passed down with all the rest of the " family " guns. And if I ever catch someone trying to sell one of those I will haunt them until their dying day, as I expect would happen to me if I thought about selling any of them. LOL.. guns like that are few and far between and the history need to be passed down. My thoughts anyway.

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