Online Applications Suspended

Discussion in 'Desert Rat' started by Desert Rat Blog, May 26, 2007.

  1. This system seems to have been having a lot of difficulties. Hopefully AZGF will find a competent vendor and put this to bed, once and for all.Online application process no longer available for fall hunts; deadline extended to June 26The Arizona Game and Fish Department has indefinitely suspended the online application process for big [...]

  2. right they had told me that 75,000 people have already put in for tags i was total blown away by that and they are in the draw but you watch if most of those people dont draw any tags they will cry foul and i bet you know that G&F will do a 2sd draw mark my words now. the vendor couldnt full fill there part of the contract is what i was told by G&F so this also means you cant view the results online you have to call.